Appear in control

It is easy to melt down, to display every emotion racing through you. It is a honed skill to keep all in check, especially in the face of mental adversity. Control is a power all it's own. Many of us have demons that now and again stir the pot that will bring forth undesirable emotions. We all have stresses in our life that can possibly rock the very foundations of our being. And anger, for some this "edge" that is so often a benefit that drives one to greater heights can also sometimes turn on its master. We all certainly have our own variation of this. But in these moments, these spans of time, when it would be easier to melt down and lose control it is in these very moments that we must maintain it. Simply ask this question of yourself, in these moments has losing control ever truly solved anything? 95% of the time you will find the answer to be no. Now that being said there are times when emotion can be left to do what it needs to do. At times the display of the pain or anger caused by another's words or actions for instance is needed to reach that person. In the gym or in similar controlled environments it can be safe to open the gates and let the demons roam free. I know that my gym time is one of the few times I can let go and allow it all to surface. I use it as a tool. I find these times therapeutic.

Just a though to consider the next time you start to feel things boiling over or the darkness wash over you... is now the time and place to let it go?

~ BC