The Gym Bag
The Gym Bag
The Gym Bag
The Gym Bag
The Gym Bag
The Gym Bag

The Gym Bag

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New design with be the crest logo shown in pic 3.

After three months of R&D we have come with what we consider the ideal gym bag. It is durable, functional, and can double as a range day bag (necessary for gun owners). The main compartment fits 2 basketballs easily which means your belt, your 5 pound container of post workout, your 3 different preworkout containers, gallon jug of water, straps, wraps, and change of clothes will all fit. What is technically built for shoe storage is a great place to shove sweaty clothes until you get home. The two water bottle pockets at the end of the bag hold shake containers as easily as a bottle of shampoo and hair gel. Did we mention it is functional as a range bag?

A gym bag that will last
★ Heavy constructed with reinforced stitching
★ Extra thick bottom material for durability
★ Metal D rings and hardware 

Compact yet Functional Space
★ Main compartment measured at 20 x 10 x 10 inches
★ Waterproof side pocket for your sweaty clothing
★ Shoe/sweaty clothing storage compartment with air ventilation holes

Necessary Performance
★ Wide 2 inch strap help to reduce stress on the shoulder
★ 2 water bottle pockets
★ Molle Webbing and D rings for your frequent use items
★ Water resistant material and easy to clean