What is the WHY?

It is the responsibility of every person to ask some fundamental questions about life. When one starts reflecting on life; one question leads to two, two leads to four, and so on. Have you tried to define happiness or success? Are they one in the same? What are the core character traits of a “good man”? How can one be best partner in a relationship that they can be? To these and a million of questions there is no one size fits all answer because the details are as unique as the individual they apply to but the core ideas that make up the framework for these answers are definable and can make up the foundation of what an person’s definition could be. The mission of BC Limited is to explore the various aspects of this genre of life questions and attempt to define them. Defining character traits like pride, honor, loyalty, honesty, and integrity are only the beginnings. Work ethic, mental fortitude, leadership, courage add to the base. If we built a bridge with what defines us would we be willing to cross it?

Through the various abbreviated opinion pieces posted through a various social media outlet the questions are explored and perspective is shared. Through this the efforts spent seek to translate thoughts into words that may lead us to the answers we all seek.

Brian Compton, Owner