Do we offer a discount to active duty military, veterans, or law enforcement? The short answer to this question is no but there is a little more to this question than a simple answer like that. Instead of putting each active duty member of the military, veteran, or member of law enforcement through a vetting process, issuing each person a promo code, and providing a few percent off on a t-shirt we have elected to put our resources and efforts into something else. Each time we receive an order from an APO or FPO shipping address we reach out to the customer and see if there is anything else we can add to their order. We have been asked for everything from Oreo cookies and preworkout to socks and wet wipes. We elected to do this instead of a military/veteran or LEO discount because we have had many friends who have been deployed over the years and know that this would mean much more to our customer base than a couple bucks off of a shirt.

Thank you to all who have served our country and our communities.

Brian Compton, owner