Dear potential team member, 
Thank you for interest in working for BC Limited. We recommend that all applicants have some level of understanding of our company culture before initializing any conversation regarding employment. This will save the time of everyone involved as we believe that a few minutes browsing our website and going through a few of our posts on social media would give a decent indication of the type of company we are. Thank you - B.C., Owner/CEO

Content Creation Team Member (photography/videography):

We are looking for individuals to take on our content creation efforts which include photos and short clip videos with music and/or voice overlay. This position will work closely with the owner and advertising manager with the goal of creating the best possible ads for conversion as well as content for posting and blogs. This position may be remote but candidate will need to live in the greater Austin, TX area. Pay structure negotiable. It is highly recommended that prior to applying for position that the candidate become intimately knowledgeable about the brand as their job will be presenting the brand to the world. Please send inquiries to