Dear potential team member, 
Thank you for interest in working for BC Limited. We recommend that all applicants have some level of understanding of our company culture before initializing any conversation regarding employment. This will save the time of everyone involved as we believe that a few minutes browsing our website and going through a few of our posts on social media would give a decent indication of the type of company we are. Thank you - Brian "BC" Compton, Owner/CEO
Retail Production Worker: 
We're looking for individuals who are interested in starting from the ground floor and working their way up in an exploding apparel line. The responsibilities of our Retail Production Worker's role vary depending on which sector they work in but could include anything from cleaning the warehouse, product inventory, moving stock from one location to another, assembling items/orders, packaging items and orders, as well as generally in charge of ensuring correct quality control of materials and orders before shipping out to customers. Plenty of opportunity for growth in this fast-growing company, as well as wage raises, based on quality, drive, and strong work ethic. This is not a “cake” position, we have high standards, and we reward those that work hard. Must be able to lift/carry 50+lbs. Must be in St. Louis/O'Fallon, Missouri area. Must share our company's values, ethics, and morals (as shared on social media daily). Please do your research on us. Weak minded individuals, those with entitlement issues, or those who are afraid of hard work need not apply. If this sounds like you, please send a resume and a cover letter as to why we should hire you. Please send all inquiries to