I Don't Fit In

In my older age I've grown entirely comfortable with not fitting in anywhere really. Over 10 years I've lived six places in three states and have never felt at home. In my younger years, for about a decade, I tried "normal". I wore the clothes, I had the office job, did the wife and kids thing, bought the house, had the 401K and all the bullshit that came with it. What I found there were the most judgmental, hypocritical, uneducated, sheltered, back stabbing jackasses, CNN Kool Aid drinking trash on the planet. So a number of years ago I said fuck it and started doing me. Shook off the doubts from being around those shallow halfwits, let go of the depression and anxiety that "normal" brought me, and started moving towards a lifestyle and environment that provided me the room to breathe and be me. I tried one last time to peacefully coexist as an office dweller only to get laid off January 2020 which was the excuse/push I needed to make the jump to working BC Limited fulltime to support my family.

I can now say this with absolute confidence...

I don't seek to belong anywhere. I don't seek acceptance from anyone or to be a part of any circles. I am perfectly comfortable eating at my own table by myself and being me. In doing so I've found that I have been attracting likeminded people who get it and want to invest in a friendship that can be counted on. See, all I did was flip the perspective and become comfortable truly standing alone. In doing so I've built my own culture and one by one solid people keep showing up.


There is a sense of freedom that comes when you don’t give a rats ass what others think, and just walk your own walk.

Lyn April 23, 2024

I refer to the majority as gen pop or normies. People who lack common sense. People with no motivation or drive. Uneducated. Judgemental. Weak minded and willed. Easily lead. People unable to think for themselves. Lack of skills or abilities. I’ve come to realize most people want to be carried through life and waited on either due to narcissism or lack of knowledge ability or skill. Then there’s the lazy entitled and opinionated judgemental type. I find peace alone in the garage building creating focusing on hobbies and goals. just listening to music or roaming the woods, riding etc. After working retail and being an auto mechanic I got soo drained mentally dealing with the public and soured at all the people trying to lie or cheat their way to gain anything that I went into fixing trains instead. Some of us are just better at being alone i guess.

Kevin November 12, 2022

Would definitely buy a shirt that says “I DON’T FIT IN”. Because I don’t, and I like it that way!!

Halama November 10, 2022

I get what your saying I worked as officer in the prison system for over 25 yrs. During that time lost my oldest son in a car crash something I still battle with today went through two divorces gave up two homes. As a Officer no one likes you the inmates hate you, the public hates you and these bleeding heart pos hate you but it is what it is. So I get you when you say you dont fit in but there are many like us and we will all come together as one to unite when the time comes!! Normal is not coming back Jesus is!!! God bless

Dave October 08, 2022

Keep speaking. People are listening. Your product sells because it cuts through everything else. Truly a stand-up guy who I will spend my money on. I’ll also tell and share your story.

TC August 16, 2022

58 and trying to still find my place. I did it all “the right way” and it has brought me here. Unsatisfied and searching. Financially fine but not feeling like I’ve answered my calling. It will come but, I apreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement BC. God bless you Brother! Continued freedom and success! Peace

Roland August 10, 2022

I spent 22 years in the US Army when I retired I had a hard time adjusting to civilian life while in the service I got into power lifting competition representing the US Army
I’m 74 now and still lifting

patrick odonovan August 10, 2022

I divorced after 14 years in 04’ then floundered for four years working three part time jobs just to pay c/s. Seeing my children on weekends and holidays. Then I changed what my family and friends thought of me by joining the army at 38, deployed to Afghanistan only to come back with greater appreciation for my country and family. I remarried in 15, moved from my home state of ME for 51years to PA. Slowly working towards a place and land somewhere in the upper Midwest with or without family.

John S August 10, 2022

Your ABSOLUTELY right. I’ve spent most my whole life “on the road”. And I never felt “home” anywhere. It wasn’t till I was in my late 40’s, 3 yrs divorced, and alone, that it hit me like a shovel. I realized I was ok with being alone. Totally. Just last week, I bought my dream. 90 acres in AZ, that’s really isolated. And I can’t be fuckin’ happier.
I’m “alone” a lot. But I’m never “lonely”

Jeff Trillet August 09, 2022

So well said…Been in Law Enforcement for 38 years. Long before you came out with the brand, “I Hate People” was my motto and creed! That being said I wouldn’t trade my job for anything in the world. It’s a calling… As soon as I saw your merch I knew you were someone to keep an eye on. After all this time all I want is my wife, kids, grandkids, K9’s and space. (And bc.limited). Keep up the good work bc. It seems you’ve found your calling too!!

Todd August 09, 2022

You found a message with your company. Keep it going.

Tony August 09, 2022

Fuck Yeah

Vet Shellback August 09, 2022

The peace in solitude. I’ve been looking at selling a house that I thought would bring happiness and leaving a job that brings good money. But it’s filled with fake smiles and ass kissing that I can’t do. All I want is land, family and space.

Brantt Quint August 09, 2022

I needed this! I’m a veteran, and, after 8 years in law enforcement (a career I thought I would retire from), I became disillusioned with the system. I’ve bounced around between social services work and private security gigs. The whole time still trying to figure it out. My wife has been my rock, but, at 40 years old with a wife and kids to support and protect, I REALLY needed to figure it out. I was approached about a job in the school system as a behavior management specialist and mentor. I took it, and I am extremely happy to be preparing young men and women for the REAL world, although, I’ll admit, I don’t fit in (thank God) with some of the more social justice-minded educator types. In addition to that, I started my own security consulting and private investigations business. On that front, work is starting to come in, but the grind is real. With all of that being said, I’m finally starting to feel comfortable in my own skin. At the very least, I’m comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Aaron August 09, 2022

It’s hard to fit in when you were born to stand out 👍 great quote from a movie a few years back

Chuck August 09, 2022

We share the same view of most people. Standing alone has its merits. Stay the course, and enjoy the freedom.

Rob Ballantyne August 09, 2022

We share the same view of most people. Standing alone has its merits. Stay the course, and enjoy the freedom.

Rob Ballantyne August 09, 2022

Sounds eerily similar….unfortunately there are many of us “in our older age” who simply don’t fit in anymore. This world….upside down…

Scott Steely August 09, 2022

Well stated as usual, BC! Keep up the good work! Love the tshirts!

Eric Frost August 09, 2022


FISH August 09, 2022

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