Shipping operations at BC Ltd. are conducted on normal business days (M-F), and are suspended on Sat-Sun, in addition to all federal holidays. Please realize that while we do our best to ensure your order arrives in a timely manner, most carriers are overwhelmed and under-staffed, which may prolong the time between order and delivery.

All completed orders will issue a confirmation email, and indicate our most up to date processing times (if they vary from below). Additionally, the email contains the shipping information provided for your verification. Discrepancies noted in the shipping information provided are your responsibility to notify us of, immediately, otherwise the item(s) will ship to the address you provide.

Once your order is processed and ready for shipping, another email containing tracking information will be sent. Please allow 24-48hrs from the date of your shipping notification for the tracking to be updated in the carriers system for your review. NOTE - products shipped on a Friday may not have their tracking information updated until Monday-Tuesday of the following week due to carrier practices. 

If your order tracking information has not updated within seven (7) business days of your shipping notification email, you can contact us at

* The order processing turn time stated when customer selected shipping option is a general estimate based on possible product mix in order.


CURRENT DRINK-WARE PROCESSING TIME = up to 7 - 15 Business days


INCORRECT ADDRESS: BC Limited is not responsible for cost of reshipping order in the event of an incorrect address. Customer will be contacted and given the option of providing a correct address and paying for shipping or surrendering the product(s) and receiving a refund. If customer elects to surrender items customer will receive a refund for the cost of said item so long as item is still available. If item is discontinued or clearance item no refund will be issued.

UPS: Customers please note that selecting a postal carrier does not prioritize your order. The shipping times quotes is the estimated shipping time once the package is received by the postal carrier.

DOMESTIC PACKAGES: Unless otherwise selected by the customer at the time of checkout, BC Limited reserves the right to choose the shipping carrier (USPS, or UPS) utilized for delivery.

INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES: Customer is responsible for any and all taxes/charges associated with the delivery of their order.

LOST / MISSING PACKAGES: (read if you did not purchase route shipping protection at checkout) In the event that a packages has been shipped and the carrier has taken possession of the item, we unfortunately have no control over its deliverability. If during the carriers possession of the item the package is lost or damaged a claim must be filed with the carrier, as we cannot recover the package or rectify the issue on our end unless it is re-directed back to us or we are provided correspondence from the carrier indicating the package has been lost/destroyed.

*Please note* all BC ltd. glassware is insured when shipped, we are not responsible for broken glassware upon delivery. Please file a claim for the insured glassware, if they deny your claim, please forward all correspondence from the carrier along with your order number so we can assess the situation.

Please utilize the following links in the event of a lost/damaged/undelivered package to begin the claims process. If they provide a resolution, please retain the info they provide for your records and so that if needed, we can review as well.

USPS Insured Package Claim: CLICK HERE

USPS Missing Mail Claim: CLICK HERE

UPS Damaged Package Claim: CLICK HERE

UPS Insured Package Claim: CLICK HERE

If the package is marked delivered but it’s not in the delivery location, please be aware that some carrier agents with USPS are in the habit of marking items “delivered” prior to physical delivery. In these instances, it will may helpful to wait 24hrs before contacting the carrier. If after that time you still have not seen the item, please contact your local post master, or open a claim by calling the USPS disputes phone number (888)-877-7644. Provide them with the delivery confirmation number (DC#) and this will initiate an investigation into the delivery.

PLEASE NOTE - BC Limited, LLC retains no liability or obligation to replace packages marked as delivered by the carrier. All investigations and the outcome are the responsibilities and obligations of the individual purchaser and the local postmaster or carrier site manager.