Just Keep Going

Continuing when adversity is physical; though difficult certainly in its own right, doesn't hold a candle to the mountains, valleys, and storms life will hit you with.

"Civilized" problems seem to sometimes have a way of being monumental to those who have attained something of a mastery of the physical and psychological matters handled outside the "Matrix" of a society we find ourselves in here. In the throws of a third world hell hole the question is merely life or death; "how are we getting home?" Not, "how do we keep our home HOA compliant?"... You speak of these things to someone who's only experience is first world living, and the mix of emotion that washes over them as they try not to step in any piles of discomfort throughout the conversation is oddly amusing (probably unhealthily so, but I digress). Then in stark contrast, they'll speak of monotonous patterns of a seemingly vanilla life and one can only wonder "how long before this guy goes on a bender?" because no man could truly live that way. Existing in this paradigm, where the stakes are low, but the demands are high, is exhausting.

Such is the challenge. Such is the reality. Regardless of the theater in which the adversity is found, one must adhere to the same rule to get through it; Keep Going. Over there you kept going so they, you, and your team, remained alive and made it home. Here you keep going because the bills aren't going to pay themselves and no one is going to just drop food at your door. Then add the layer of others depending on you for a roof over their head, food in their stomachs, clothes on their back, and possibly taking up the responsibility of parenthood or the title of husband. It's odd reading things about life balance because each time I try to apply the logic I see only failure across all fronts. So I've adopted the mantra of all in on all things and, regardless of the current situation, I am to keep going just as I always have. Maybe I'm not good at moderation or maybe I've set the bar high enough that moderation simply won't do.
Regardless, I keep to the rule, and so should you.... Keep Going. 

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Well written. All we can do is keep going. I deal with injuries and pain of war. Days I want to quit. But I see the love in my woman’s eyes. And like you I keep going. Screw mediocrity I keep going to give her the life she so deserves. Because I know in this life I deserve nothing. But the failure I have accomplished.

Cris Smyth December 07, 2023

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