This past Presidents Day I was trying to come up with some words on the series of administrations I have seen come and go. But, nothing but reflective opinions with a healthy sprinkling of foul language came to mind. My thoughts then brought me to the idea of leadership at various levels that I have had the pleasure of dealing with in my life, from the elected federal government to executives and managers down to pastors at the various churches my wife has been a part of over the years.

I have realized that I have been with enough organizations, and have dealt with various levels of leadership in basically every style and type, that I hold a critical view of leadership in general. I find the less they talk the more they are up to, the less they are willing to have conversations in smaller groups the more they hold themselves as superior to those in the group (generally speaking). And, the less time they have spent in the trenches doing the work, the less in touch they are with both the work being done and those doing it.

I do hold greater respect and I'm more willing to trust the man who is willing and able to speak to me frankly and on a level field; and it doesn’t hurt to cuss now and again if the situation and conversation warrants it. With all that being said I believe that I will likely never fully trust a man sitting in a high position of power and influence. And I will hold entirely responsible the man who turns his back on those who placed him in the position of leadership he finds himself in for any reason… for any reason. I have seen far too many times that greed, ego, and desire for power sway a man to leave his own in the cold to pursue self-interests.



Now that I have vented all that out, I have also been fortunate enough to find myself under the direction of leaders who lead from the viewpoint of service and hold those in their charge as personal responsibilities, much in the fashion a good father regards his family. A father does not leverage his family for self-gain but instead provides for them before himself. A father plots direction that best benefits everyone and communicates both the vision and the course. Leadership hits different when it is approached from such a mindset. At least this is how I approach leadership and what I expect in a leader I pledge fealty to.


For what matters. What matters is love , honor, loyalty, hope, and respect. These things r being destroyed and if not that manipulated beyond words. We as fathers, men that love this country . Men that protect our families no matter the cost need to stand up and say no more. Never again will I stay silent. My son and your sons and daughters deserve so much better. Fuck the feelings of the cowards and miscreants. This is the GREATEST COUNTRY ON THE FACE OF EARTH. Now it’s time to start acting like it again . Thank you for all you sacrificed my military and law enforcement friends. What you have given MATTERS!!!! Let make sure it stays that way.

Jeff Baugh March 03, 2023

I read through all of the comments above and the blog. And with reading this, which I personally agree with all of the opinions, I have one question? When as a group of leaders, fathers, brothers, and everyday men do we standup and say enough!!! We all see the issues, the lies, the power grabs and this amazing country that we love going to hell. So when do we Standup and fight for our friends, families, and the future of the country. We can’t be continue to be silent and set on our hands!!

David Fair March 02, 2023

Agreed , and this hits very true with regards to a father’s leadership..men are charged with the responsibility of guiding there family in a direction that involves hard decision making self confidence. He also sets the example for accountability and sacrifice when it merits.
As for elected / appointed people of higher authority, there can not be blind faith or trust. It has to be questioned and checked for misuse.
Ego , power , greed are very strong temptations when position of authority are anointed, even to the best men of virtue..
Thanks Brian, have a great day

Jim Army March 01, 2023

As a LEO, now serving on a military installation I have seen my share of leadership. Under my current administration we are failing. They don’t want law enforcement, they want deterance. My cilivian law enforcement supervisors were even more so. This country needs to grow a pair before we loose it all in the name of social ‘justice.’
Love the blogs. It’s good to see you posting sir.

Delta Adam Nancy March 01, 2023

Long time listener/first time caller(lol). My notes would include a noticeable vacuum of leadership in recent years. Myself, being raised by a single female police officer, my brother and I saw some stuff. Not battlefield/ptsd worthy, but enough to leave a thorough distaste for governmental beurocracy. Seems you touched on the Key to what’s missing, Firm fatherly role models. Not ass kissin’ pandering anything to get your vote inflatables.

Jamie Armstrong February 28, 2023

Rise with, not above. Carry on.

A E Scott February 28, 2023

I agree. Well said. As a retired 1SG and state LE chief, I strived to be a “servant” leader and never forgot where I came from. “Mission first-people always.” Thanks for sharing.

Mark Hicks February 28, 2023

Well said. I’ve been told recently by a supervisor, “I don’t need to know how you do your job, I just need to know how to manage people.” He’s failing at that miserably. He’s got 20+ year employees looking to leave with no one behind them to take their places.

Willie Cudd February 28, 2023

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