State Of The Nation

We are a country made up primarily of a mix of uninformed and misinformed people who seem to be addicted to their problems and their party affiliation. All the while Lady Liberty is slowly sinking. When people on the left don't like what I say I'm called a white supremacist Trump supporter. When self-declared conservatives don't like what I say I'm called a flaming liberal. These are the defamation comments of the day which should be alerting everyone to the fact that the divide continues to widen while those at the bottom continue to suffer and those at the top continue to flourish. Fun fact though: when people like George Carlin and Bill Maher become the voice of reason among conservatives we strayed too far as both these men have forever been considered a strong voice for the liberal left. And a fun fact for all, there is a very large part of the population that doesn’t hold themselves hostage with one party affiliation or another but instead stand firmly in the middle as the pendulum keeps swinging around wildly wondering what the hell is going on, and I stand among them.

The middle class built this country and today it is the middle class that seems utterly intent on self-destruction. Are we so blind to the socioeconomic war that has been waged for more than 40 years now? For the first time since Jimmy Carter was president some 50 years ago inflation is out of control. If we didn't have such a strong economy heading into 2020 we would be in an even worse spot today with interest rates (which are going up steadily), the stock market (which has been on a steady decline since January 1, 2021), and employment (they keep changing the definition of unemployed but that won't change the fact that places still can't find GOOD employees).

The document that began this country starts with "We the people". Somehow that idea has been diluted and diminished to these divided subgroups that love nothing more than to bicker on social media and hold another “rally” to pull down another historic statue or march down city streets unimproving businesses as they walk by. Seems as though we are dead set on erasing history and destroying communities at this point… with government and academia at every level seeming to be more than happy to help the cause.

I write this out of frustration with no answers to give. Just a request that the people start informing themselves and look up so they may see what is really going on around them.


As I raise another son I think back to the way things were. Men were men. Women were women. And every once in awhile one of the mentally confused would show up. Now it seems like it’s celebrated. For what?! Not one time have these people done anything but promote their own mental illness. And say we r the ones with problems. News flash folks…. If u were born a boy u will always b a boy. U can mutilate urself as much as u want. Call urself whatever u choose. But u r still just a damaged boy. Same thing with a girl. So please people if u have someone with mental issues help them. Don’t play along. It does no good to anyone!!! God bless the afflicted.

Jeff Baugh July 24, 2023

Absolutely love your tees. “Punch in the face” messages that I’m so proud to wear (more than a dozen!). Most of my friends say I wear the most intense shirts. Thought provoking and incredibly comfortable to wear. Thank you BC!

Ed Nagle November 05, 2022

I saw the cool shirt, then looked for your “about us” page to see who Id be buying from. This open letter speaks volumes. I commend your resolve to speak up for this great land and the sleeping people in it. One day, those with evil as their motivator will realize that we that once fight for our freedom, are no less willing to fight again to preserve it. May God bless America.

Brad October 01, 2022

When I was discharged from my service back in 2006. I stepped back into the “bubble” that is our insolated country and had sooo many questions myself. And so I read… I listened… Bill Cooper, Gatto, Anthony Sutton, Patrick Wood, G. Edward Griffith, Karl Marx, Moses Hess, Edwin Black, etc. etc. Studied the fraternal orders, “Mystery Schools” and what they believe. The “courts”, so called medicine, the banks, etc… Slowly I began to wake up, to see the “mind control” being “cultured” in this petri dish. No one is coming to save us! So prepare and stockpile what you can so that you are NOT the one crawling through your neighbors window… And save those bullets for the Blue helmets.

Danny September 21, 2022

One of the casualties of the current social climate is the ability to have discussions, heated or not, about different subjects and both parties be able to walk away either having learned something or still being civil. Too many have lost the art of not having to always be right in every conversation. It’s a shame. The lost skill of critical thinking that has been sorely lacking in the public education system is showing its fruits in the current social media stages. While entertaining, it’s very frustrating and sad.

MsWijik September 17, 2022

Amen Brother! Well said!

Sandman September 16, 2022

Amen Brother! Well said!

Sandman September 16, 2022

We have NEVER been more divided as a nation than now!!! That is the left narrative, “If you can’t dazzle ‘em with brilliance, baffle ‘em with bullshit!!” Time for this clown show and deep state shit to stop!! I have been asked by some who ride the fence about what it’ll take to fix this, my reply has been,” You don’t have the stomach for what we need to do!” It is gonna take us, white, black, yellow, red, Hispanic, Chinese, Native American, everyone of us to stand up and take this country back, as one undivided!! If we can do that, we stand a chance of being the country our forefathers fought so hard and sacrificed so much for!!

Stephen Jones September 15, 2022

The party’s won’t it divided and each won’t it in their favor at our me wrong if you want, but I donor vote for my party candidate if I don’t agree.

Lane Finkles September 15, 2022

This is 100% on point

James September 15, 2022

Keep telling it like it is. We are all considered terrorists if we do not tow the line. George Washington warned this would happen if we let parties take over the government.

Anthony Barnes September 15, 2022

I couldn’t have said it better brother. The old saying we are our own worst enemy rings truer as time goes on. Btw love my new raise the flag shirt.

Brian Goodson September 15, 2022

The left and right both need destroyed in my opinion, and I’ve earned that right to voice it. They’re both lost.

WarPig13 September 15, 2022

Amen brother

Tim OG September 15, 2022

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