All BC Ltd. drinkware is chosen for its quality, durability, and common sense use application. However, all quality products require quality care to maximize their lifespan and serviceable use. In order to maximize the longevity of our products we've compiled a list of recommended cleaning and care guidelines below. If you have any specific questions not answered below, please feel free to contact us!


  • Hand washing or soaking (as needed) in lukewarm water is recommended.
  • Do not expose to extreme temperature changes, as this may damage/fracture the glass due to thermal shock. I.e. do not take out of hot dishwasher, and place iced or room temperature beverages in it until it has cooled.
  • Drying once clean to prevent water spotting is suggested.
  • Common sense use is always suggested, glassware designed for spirits/adult beverages are not suitable for things like hot coffee or smoothies 


  • Stoneware and ceramic mugs are noted as durable options for very high/low temperature beverages. Our mugs are safe for use with all know drink varieties
  • All mugs are dishwasher safe - ready to use as soon as clean/dry