Fxck Cancer

Color: Black
Orders containing this item will ship when entire order can be filled. This design can be added to existing orders upon request through customerservice@bc.limited


Over the years I have offered this design and have used the proceeds to help others battle the Devil himself. Now this dark shadow has found its way into my family. My mother received her diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer and has been given 9 to 12 months to live. Two reasons for offering this design. First, the design is a flag that says "I too have a loved one in the fight" or "I am in the fight for my life". Second, with my mother being ill I will need to travel back and forth between Texas and California to help my mother as she moves through the final months of her life. Thank you for your help.

  • "Athletic cut" more form fitting through the arms/shoulders area.
  • Premium 60/40 brushed poly-cotton material
  • Pre-shrunk for optimal fit
  • Made in the USA

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