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As much as it would make sense to think BC limited was built around the idea of creating and selling products, that just isn’t the case. I started this thing in April of 2018 with the idea of bringing back to light what I saw as a dying ideology, through writing introspective posts. Hitting topics ranging from the struggles a man faces every day, to the warrior mindset, to intimacy and beyond. The products offered are merely manifestations of those lines of thought. This effort started on Instagram and shortly thereafter was carried over to Facebook. I was comfortable with Instagram since I had a history on the platform with prior employers. Facebook was a not too big of a change but definitely an older more jaded audience for the most part.

After almost four years on these two platform we’ve hit a point of saturation that requires us to grow. Our Facebook ad account is on indefinite suspension is certainly a helpful kick in the butt needed to jump into change. I am not a video kind of guy but TikTok is the fastest growing platform out there right now and, based on the reaction buy Facebook/Instagram, short videos are where things are headed. But, like I said, I'm just not a "be in front of the camera" kind of guy, I don’t dance, I'm not acting, and I don’t lip-sync… so I have to grow. I need to figure out how to engage on a platform to reach new people that align with the ideology I promote on a platform that is built around things I don’t currently do.

Challenge accepted.

Twitter, what’s there to say about this platform? Unless you’re a public figure or posting porn there’s no reason to be there so we are skipping that “opportunity”. There is an inbound opportunity that I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out; the Truth App, brought to the world by Donald Trump. Like Parler, Truth has claimed to be the promised platform that doesn’t kill the voice of those sitting on the right side of the aisle. I believe that every platform will have community guidelines, so we will see how that pans out.

So moving into the rest of 2022 BC Limited is moving again into a place of discomfort so that we can push the message out to new audiences, continue to grow, and maybe even change a few minds.

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Always in the lineup and always close at hand, needn’t ever look… always know you’re here.

Tom H February 21, 2022

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