To this day when I hear the word I think of sitting in a small conference room with my supervisor for my annual review, or as I called it, my “This is how we screw you out of a raise again this year” meeting. Every time, no matter who my employer was, it was the same talk. You do your job well but you need to improve your people skills. Then came the inevitable question, “So what are your goals?”. My gut response was always the same, not to tell your dumb ass what I'm really thinking and to not act in a violent manner towards co-workers, no matter how much they deserve it. But I digress…

In lieu of the corporately diluted and stained word “goals” feel free to choose your own term for it. It doesn’t much matter what they are called nearly as much as identifying what they are. And what better time to start than now. It's a simple and yet complex task of identifying what you want, plotting a course, then applying action. Simple because you can literally write down anything, a new car for instance, then analyze your current state of affairs and start plotting a course. If you can successfully handle steps one and two, pretty much regardless of the desired end result, you will land at least close to what you were aiming for. Complex, because naturally the bigger the desired end result the more complicated the equations needed to achieve it.

The misconception is that this practice can only be applied to certain things, wrong. It can quite successfully be applied to anything you want, from making breakfast to building an empire. When I started BC Limited I had a general ideal of the path ahead, but an unclear picture of the ultimate destination. I just knew the general direction I wanted to go. Then the further along I got the clearer the picture became. It has been two years since life stepped in and pushed me off the cliff. I lost my job in Jan of 2020. BC Limited was a side project that I, like many who have side hustles, thought someday would become something. The reality was that it would have never truly become something until I had no choice but to make it so.

But why share these thoughts on this platform? Because if I can get one person to plot a course and better their life in the long run because of it, it will have cultivated a positive outcome, which is justification enough for me. So to that one person I encourage you to jump. Know that you already have everything you need to get there. You just need the confidence to start.


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Jenny August 04, 2023

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Mart July 27, 2023

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Edward July 21, 2023

That’s some pretty powerful stuff man, you need to start a podcast. You really want your voice to be heard? That’s a great way to start, I’d tune for that shit.

Chris Landrum February 07, 2022

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Wanted you to know, it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears.
Really made me think… Over a year ago I thought about moving forward with my career, then just got lazy, and let the job push me in the same direction.
It’s time for me to move on. Your words are yet another sign that I need to move on, pushing the job forward.

D.J.Moore January 14, 2022

Thanks. Lost my job in 2020, started a business (one I thought was safe) not one in my heart and it hasn’t thrived. Better F’ing do the one I should’ve done originally now.

Feel like hell, but grateful I’m here to do it.

David January 12, 2022

This was very well timed for me. Thank you for your honesty. I appreciate excellence in any profession and you provide that in yours. I have reached a level of success in my practice exactly the same way. I have decided to expand even more and I was mentally debating my choice this morning. Then your email showed up in my in box.

Blessings. Keep working hard. There are people out here who appreciate what you do and what you stand for.

Jaison Golojuh January 12, 2022

I feel you entirely. After putting in countless hours for five years into someone else’s sma business and not getting the respect and rewards I was due. I struck out on my own officially in September of 2021 after I bought a house. In the same field as a competitor. I’d been working my own grind in my spare time and I came roaring out the gates. Destination is still unknown but 1%better each day is the goal.

Steve T January 12, 2022

Man I love this shit. It inspires me. I’ve followed along since back when you did the product posts for (I believe) tactical shit. It was cool finding your personal account and cooler still seeing your wife finding her Christianity again and how much you supported her without appearing to necessarily be part of the same circle of thought. Your content is so good for my mental health. It’s inspiring and challenging and legit. I truly appreciate you guys and your products. I hope everything is going well in the new shop.

Logan Fowler January 11, 2022

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