Strength comes in many forms. One such form is the strength to stand fast in the face of overwhelming adversity and strife whilst appearing calm and under control to others even if inside your stomach feels as though you are caught in a perpetual free fall and the weight of the world feels crushing on your shoulders. Against all you get up out of bed and you stand every... single... day. Actions motivated by purpose doing what is needed to be done. You do this because it is your job, because others depend on you, because you have not given yourself a choice. It is as much a part of you as anything, what defines you as a man.

I stand fast watching the ranks of opposition mounting. Row after row they form looking to again take from me what I hold most dear, what I've built, and what I've earned. "Come," I say yet again as I stand waiting for the rain of arrows to come and the charge of shield and sword and spear to follow. I yell loudly again and again hoping not for help but instead to inspire so that others may also find the strength to stand.

... until lambs become lions.

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