Speak Truth

Speak Truth...

Meaning what? In layman's terms don't let your mouth write checks your ass can't cash but it's much more than that. Only say what you mean and be certain that you are willing to stand by your word, simple as that and equally as hard as that. People are far too often quick to pop off, speak untruths, or bluff challenges.

The design for the shirt was born from a dream that has been haunting me for more than a decade. In the fog of chaos I found myself in the midst of an entanglement with an adversary that. The man stood towering before me bellowing lies. Lies that made me start to question things I new to be true. Lies that cut deep into me, attacking the core of my beliefs, and were eroding my very worth. I couldn't make out what he was saying only what I felt as I heard them; betrayal, anxiety, pain, fear. In the midst of this I took the man to the ground, planted my foot firmly on his chest, and ripped his jaw from his skull while yelling "no" in his face.

To speak the truth, to say only what you mean and are willing to stand by, is a core value of being a man. Being a man of your word still means something to those who follow a code of honor and  it is something that has been all but removed from society today.

"DICERE VERUM" - Speak Truth

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