Open letter to Society heading into 2021

Dear Society, we need to talk.

After living an all out life (we will just leave it at that) 15 years ago you talked me into buying into this cookie cutter "being normal" thing. Over that time I was bless with both children and a wife who love me but you squeezed my passion for life, my drive, my very being almost entirely from my body. Then January 10th of 2020 you pushed me down one more time. Sure, I was struggling to maintain in that 3rd office job since moving to this fucking state but then you pulled that rug out from under me one more time. Fine. I rebuilt myself. After 15 years I found me again and declared that I will be setting fire to this world in defiance of that 15 years of bullshit you put me through. Over the span of 2020 I stayed home. I built and planned and plotted. I brought in house the ability to support my family. I even decided you and I needed some space so I built myself a gym. I stopped going to stores and every type of entertainment my family grew to enjoy. We found other ways in 2020 to make it happen.

Now Society let's talk about today. Today I took my family to a "family restaurant" because your bitch ass shut down every possible type of entertainment or business we should be enjoying now (or so I thought). Then after we were seated you told my kids that the one thing they can enjoy there they were not allowed to have because of "COVID" like you have no disinfectant in the entire place. This is how you decided to start 2021? Bad idea because you've only further solidified my resolve. I will never yield to your bullshit rules and govern by fear mentality. Soon I will have the ability to bring to market all the things you took away. And when you come with your rules and fear mongering and are met with row after row of free men standing fast to maintain their way of life what will you do? Nothing, that’s what.

In 2020 I built a foundation. In 2021, from this base of operation, I will be going on the offensive. I've never been good dealing with authority Society and to be honest you've been a bit of a dick for a little too long. Someone has to start checking you on your bullshit. I will be more than happy to oblige.


LMAO edge lord dork

Peter April 15, 2021

I am with you!

William A Smith March 29, 2021

There are many of us that share your feelings for society. My family and I would stand with you and yours. Thank you for not bowing out when big tech tried to silence you. 🇺🇲

Steven Peters February 24, 2021

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