Self Awareness Is Everything

I know I'm not for everyone. I'm brash, opinionated, aggressive, absolute, driven, and a laundry list of things that make me the non-ideal candidate for working in white collar America. So to that end it is of no surprise that my brand BC Limited isn't for everyone either as the brand is merely an extension of me and what I believe.

We've had some bumps in the road lately and some feathers have been ruffled. Received a message from a guy (I can only assume will no longer be a customer after our interaction) accusing me of glorifying genocide with the release of the new shirt, Killer Man, last night. Somehow that shirt to this guy was political. After poking the bear a few times I told him to burn his BC Limited shirts he owned and provide proof and I'd happily refund all his money. Just an example of the dozen or so messages we've gotten in the past week or so. I won't even get into the half 'tards that try to throw shade on ads.

So tonight as I reflect on the past two weeks I look back on recent writings I've posted, the challenges to my business presented with this "pandemic" idiocy, the moments I've shared with my wife, time spent as a father... revel in the enjoyment of the random hate mail received about both The Devil Inside and Killer Man shirts as well as those who seem to enjoy dropping hate on ads while adding nothing beneficial to society themselves. No, BC Limited isn't for everyone and I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't want the meager and weak buying my products and representing the brand. I don't need any publicity from those without strength of character or a strong work ethic. And we most certainly don't need money from those who seek to neuter the male species in an attempt to create this false equality in the world.

To those who reflect the character and meaning of the brand my wife and I are honored to have you as customers, supporters, and friends. It is both an honor and humbling to have so many step forward and declare such a thing in a day and age where it seems such values are being bastardized.


Hi there. My boyfriend get me hooked on your IG content a few years back. We would constantly share your posts back and forth to each other. He embodied so much of what you stand for and represent, so I have him to thank for introducing me to your incredible company. He recently passed away and I now cannot get enough of your content. During my grieving, I’ve had to reassess who is in my circle and why, then adjust accordingly. I’m digging to my core to survive and your content honestly keeps me going. You fuel my workouts and my path going forward.

I love wearing your shirts and recently received a compliment on the “Angel and Beast” shirt. I let society tell me what was “right and wrong” in how I should face the world. Huge fucking mistake, but I’m finally allowing myself to be me.

I really did not intend to make this post long. All I wanted to do was say huge thank you and I’ll always support this brand through hell and high water!

Much love and respect.


Erin February 18, 2021

Well did sir!! I couldn’t agree with you anymore! Being a multiple small business owner myself. I do not sugar coat my opinions. The mightier dollar is not worth me being someone else. I’ll work twice as hard to find the right clients for me and my style. I make a living and I may never be a millionaire. But I’ll be at peace with myself. !!!!

Sarter Jr Christopher February 15, 2021

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