Where we have been & where we are going

Sitting here this evening staring at the glow of the screen, sipping some bourbon, I feel compelled to pick my head up for a moment and look around; where have I been and where am I going.

Where I’ve been…

April 2018 to 10:14 AM January 10, 2021 BC Limited, though at times was scaled up some, was a side hustle. This was a “someday” dream that I told myself I was building into this multimillion dollar business out of my basement. It was bullshit but I believed it since I didn’t know what was actually needed to become a business of that size. Then that fateful morning on January 10th I got let go from my day job; my 9-5 where I traded my life, my identity, my passions in having to turn into a muted version of myself to do a job I loathed with people I didn’t belong with. I came home, spun out on fear and anxiety, then tried to figure out what I was going to do. January 22, I committed and never looked back. With the help and support of my wife and the help of a friend, we set out to make BC Limited something we could do to support our family. Every morning I walked down two flights of stairs to the basement and worked. I don’t think I even wore shoes for 6 months. That May we were bursting at the seems using our 1,000 sq ft basement and half of the first floor of our home for the business. The weekend of July 4th we moved from our home to our current location across town and have been putting in the work ever since.

Where I am now…

This evening I take an accounting of all the balls I am currently juggling while staring at our move date just 10 days away. Last year was our first “real” year of business moving us from our basement to our current location and now most of the way through year two we are moving again. The motivation for this move is as simple as this: we need more. We need more people, can’t find any employees here in St Louis. We need more suppliers, we are blessed to have one solid screen printer here and one embroiderer but at the level we are operating at we are reaching the limits of their capabilities with no additional quality local suppliers in available. And there is a laundry list of people we need including warehouse help, administrative, creative, and more that this area just does not provide for a business our BC Limited’s ideology. So in a few days we start loading trucks in preparation for an exercise in logistics I have never attempted before.


Where I am going…

Once settling into our new location BC limited will be making a hard push through the end of the year to squeeze what we can out of 2021 then will look forward to investing those earnings into growing at a quickly as we can manage in 2022. I look forward to building a team and building; my wife managing the warehouse and I the front of the house. The challenge will be to outgrow our new home and be forced to find something double, triple, or more the size so we can just keep going. I don’t want the business to ever be diluted. The strong ideology and hardened work ethic will forever be present. I will forever be an active and guiding hand to the day my mind goes and my health starts to fade. I have plans… goals that I want to reach. I haven’t yet figured out how to achieve them, but know that I will keep working until I no longer can, to get there.


I received my first but not my last product from your company over the weekend. I am truly impressed with the quality of the tee shirt I bought for my son in law (I Hate People) and the Morale Pint glass that I know he will love. I try and stay true to buying from self-made USA companies and want to commend you on sticking to your dreams and making them come true.


Melanie Bagwell November 30, 2021

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ErnestFug September 30, 2021

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AnthonyArope September 29, 2021


Rogerdit September 29, 2021

Awesome. Glad to hear that you were able to turn your side-hustle into something great.
Keep creating kick-a$$ apparel!

Nick T September 28, 2021

Good i am so happy to see you guys pushing through to bigger and better Inwill continue to support from up north.
Much Love Loyalty and Respect .

Jason Sampson September 25, 2021

So excited to see all the success bc.limited will experience in Texas! On my fourth order from your amazing company, love the quality of your products and what you stand for! Many blessings to your amazing wife and family! Sending love from Georgia

Christine September 22, 2021

Let me help you grow by buying a green camo embroidered hoodie. I hope that is coming back those year.

Mike Notaro September 22, 2021

Outstanding… Keep it up and wish you all the success in the world.

Mark September 21, 2021

The quality of the merch is fantastic! The quotes are of the hive mind that is the veteran community spoken onto your products. I can’t put into words how it somehow found me online, besides the algorithm. But know that the work you have and are doing is for the greater good. even if “we hate people”… lol

Carpe diem,

Danny Richard Ortiz September 21, 2021

Love your business and all your products. Love representing your business on my 4Runner, I get a lot compliments on your stickers. Thanks for what you do and all your badass stuff!! Keep it going man! You’re kicking ass and taking names! 🤘🏽🙌🏽💪🏼

Kim September 21, 2021

Love the products and I love your ambition even more. I have chased dreams and lost my tail to only realize that the lessons I learned made me a better Husband, Father, and businessman.

My Wife and I both work day jobs and crush our side hustle, there is no one on this earth that I enjoy working with more.

Thanks for the handwritten “Thank You” cards w each order, those kind of details go along way w me! Best of Lucknin your growth strategy!

Dan September 21, 2021

Wishing you and yours all the very best on this huge move and new adventure. My family and I will continue to support you and your business. Love what you offer and the obvious passion that goes into all you create. Keep up the great work and looking forward to what comes out next!

Candie September 21, 2021

So admire the drive, the dedication, the balls it takes to do what you’ve done (as well as to keep doing it). Stay strong, be blessed, do good.

David Littell September 21, 2021

You are amazing and such an inspiration!

Gee Chow September 21, 2021

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