Find Your Why

Find your why. Live by it. Die by it.

Your why. Your purpose. It is the reason you push yourself beyond comfort or bare necessity. It is the thing that guides you as well as the thing that is your goal. Without it a man is a nomad in life, lacking direction or objective. But not all purposes are equal are they? In my younger years I thought happiness was the goal, to be obtained through simple pleasures, money, and violence. My purpose was of low value and lacked substance. It was a good time for a while and I did come out of it with some life experiences but maturing was inevitable. Fast forward through a long miserable attempt at being normal with an office job, marriage, and children, with a couple stumbles to follow, bringing me to today. Over time I have worked to define my why and with the transition a couple years ago to being self employed I was provided perspective as well as an opportunity to see beyond just making it to the next pay period.

My why is me, my kids, and my wife. The wife and kids I'm sure makes sense to the point of almost being a cop out as much as "me" sounds like arrogance and ego. My brain changed when I had kids. I am sure every man who watched his children come into this world can say the same. My wife and kids are what I usually defer to as my reason behind most things I do. For them I am charged with providing, protecting, and leading, which is something I do not take lightly. But still, why would “me” be part of that purpose equation? I say me because I can do nothing for those I love or those around me if I am not striving to better myself in all aspects of life every day.

Life without purpose can feel like an empty way to pass time. How anyone can survive in such a life is beyond me. The pursuit of and the further defining of one’s purpose is what provides the meat of life. Finding a purpose it not a complex task. You merely seek to serve something greater than yourself.

This was all the driving consideration behind the "Why" shirt we just launched. If this message resonates with you, you can view the shirt we produced to commemorate this mentality, here:


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Any chance the dying breed shirt will come back? I bought it in a dark grey’ish black color. I love that shirt. Would hoping to buy the same one.

Chris January 24, 2023

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