BC Limited was born April of 2018 by BC (Brian Compton, owner) out of the need to write a perspective that promoted core virtues via short opinion pieces shared across social media. It was a calling to counter the culture of coddled entitlement where everyone feels they have the right but nobody holds the responsibility that comes with it. The products offered were merely a byproduct of why the business was started in the first place. The first shirt was launched shortly thereafter with a simple statement being made, "You stay until the job is done." From there artwork and quotes that resonated with the culture being built were made pulling from various authors of the past and penning some original quotes as well. 

June 30, 2020 marks the end of BC Limited being run out of the basement of the family home. After about a year in a commercial space in O'Fallon, Missouri we pressed on to Texas landing in north Austin where we now house our warehouse and gym in a 7,000 sq ft facility. The core values that the brand was built on will never change but instead will become an even louder voice over time. Here we work hard earning our place at the table. Here we move forward without the fears that would otherwise limit vision and hinder drive. Here we still believe that honor, virtue, and work ethic mean something.

~ Brian "BC" Compton, owner/CEO