"I Hate People"

“I Hate People” - Let us discuss this simple, but many times misunderstood statement.

Based on Facebook ad comments it seems a lot of people do not understand the premise at all but instead believe that it's everything from an absolute disdain for mankind to a slight at God himself. I am not saying that the phrase for myself at times has not had hints of these feelings in them but there is a greater message at play here.

This phrase, that we have slapped on pretty much every type of product we could, has a more day to day application with a much more lowbrow philosophy behind it. Now I am certain we can all agree on the obvious types of folks that we all would love to round up and put down for the benefit of humanity, the vilest of mankind. And if you think that being a pedophile is an acceptable sexual preference, that is "wrongfully shunned" by our society, then please feel free to join the other trash so we can end your existence as well. But I digress, the more subjective application can be found in our day to day lives.

Take for example an instance I had the pleasure of introducing myself into the other day at the store. The cashier was an elderly man who I have known for years who struggles badly with Parkinson’s disease at times, shaking hands and all. He was ringing up the middle-aged woman in front of me as best he could but was definitely not having one of his better days. She started to berate him and make a scene because he was not moving fast enough for her liking. This man who is well into his later years has to work as he cannot sustain life on the small bit of Social Security he receives. He always has a positive way about him and always asks how you’re doing. And this woman lit into him like she was scolding a child. I wanted to slap the taste out of her mouth to be quite honest, but instead elected to introduce myself into the situation. You see, I hate people that are unreasonably mean, especially when it's wildly unnecessary. This is but a single example of what the shirt is about. It includes a laundry list of just, bad people, that you most certainly could do without in your life. Like people that are willfully mean to dogs, fuck those people. The blue haired poly gender fluid mentally ill that want the world to become a socialist "utopia" and seek to usher this new world in by attacking people and burning down businesses; lets send them all far away. The guy that wanted to use the women’s restroom when my daughter is in there; the answer will always be "no", and if it's not heeded, physical violence will soon follow. The list goes on and on, all the way to the self-proclaimed speed monitor on the freeway that is in the left lane struggling to even do the speed limit; oh how I want to put them into the center divider. 

Things like this, and more than I have the time to jot down, are contained in the thought and intent behind this shirt. If you've ever felt the same way because of a similar experience, then you're right there with me, you get it. If you haven't already, you should grab yourself one of these shirts, because life is too short to be anything other than direct, and you're not here to play nice with the garbage. 




Joshua Master Of The Universe Rempt July 13, 2021

The very true statement and very valid.

Jason Sampson July 13, 2021

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