Just some guy

I'm just some guy...

I'm middle-aged, middle class, middle of the fucking road. I don't usually "turn up" but if I do be certain it ain't because it's a kind of party most people know about. No DD214, no photos of the glory days, no challenge coins, no scalps, and even it I did I wouldn't tell you. My disposition comes from a lifetime of problems with authority and doing everything the hard way. The source of my drive a delicate mix of anger and responsibility to my family and all who find themselves in my care (and a little ADD). And I love being told that I can't do something; watch me. My passions are few but know that if I am in I am all the way in. I tend to speak my piece and let the pieces fall where they may leaving those willing to listen to come to their own conclusions. I have never been one to boast or brag about what I "used to do". I care only to be judged on my words and actions of today, what I am accomplishing now.

Of the many quotes I've written and borrowed the one that has forever been close to my heart was one by Patrick Rothfuss, "Anger keeps you warm at night, and wounded pride will spur a man to do wondrous things." To this I head out again to set fire to the world, motivate and inspire those who need it, speak in the ear of those willing to listen, and to find the truest form of liberty and freedom that can be allotted a man in this life. I will get there or die trying.

Ya, just some guy... who was once told that I was too stupid to know when I'm supposed to lose. May I never know.



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writingbybenjaminma June 17, 2021

Your outlook and perspective resonate so much with me! Thank you!

Sandy February 28, 2021

Don’t be put in a box dont move to the beat of another’s drum I move to the beat of my own heart.
Sometimes its leads me off course but I find my way back your quotes and all the other stuff you put down I get I believe in I understand why I buy the shirts I wear them makes me think react push and try and motivate others. Cheers.

Jason Sampson February 28, 2021

I’m 58 years old and your words inspire me. They affirm that I’m not alone in this crazy world we endure now. Thank you for sharing you!

Dean Baldwin February 28, 2021

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