Speak Truth

Speak truth then stand by your words. Not an unreasonable request by any stretch yet so many do it. Words hold meaning and carry weight. When they exit your mouth there is no undoing it; not with excuses, not with any amount of back pedaling, and not with denial.

I've spoken on this before but didn't take a blunt force trauma approach which may be needed these days. Let's start easy with, "I'm going to beat his ass next time I see him." Are you really? If so, its premeditated so that could quick make it felony assault. If not, you're a bitch. Good luck and welcome to being a man. For all those who love tempting fate here's one, "Next that happens I'm going to (insert your fake response call to action here)." No you're not; whatever it is that comes out you're not. And for those who love to hurt the ones who love them I will just say that your emotions don't excuse the knife you wielded mere moments prior. "I'm going to leave", "I hate you", "You're nothing"... pick your weapon. It is amusing how the rest of your rant will fall of deaf ears because all that person heard are the words that caused the pain.

This is an open-ended warning and a challenge. We, as a culture in and of ourselves, call for a return to masculinity yet so few have grasped the definition. This is part of that, both saying only what you intend to stand by and holding others accountable for their words. It's a move towards being absolutely about as much as possible in your life and limiting the nonsense you allow.

Speak less, mean more.


The more the words the less the meaning as it says in the Bible .
You spoke truth here .
If you have beef with someone,you don’t tell another person next time I see so and so I’m going to do whatever .
A man says to the person they need to speak too hey brother I didn’t appreciate whatever.Then handle your business, then and there across a table talking ,or by other means .

William Ruber June 12, 2024

So Fu**in right!

Raul January 26, 2024

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