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Over the past week our country has been witness to a number of unprecedented event including the silencing of an American president. Since BC Limited was part of a contingent of small businesses who were silenced by Facebook in the weeks leading into the November 2020 election because their ideology was seen as a threat to the status quo and we are seeing again big tech taking sweeping action against the same circle of businesses it seemed a prudent measure to move our message from social media to a place more secure.

Welcome to our blog. Moving forward the large opinion pieces that were enjoyed on social media will be here free of compromise. We look forward to providing quality content and commentary that our customer base will enjoy. Thank you to all for their patience and support as we transition.


Your truths are a lot of our truths. And more than you know. I can’t tell you how many people comment on your shirt on how life doesn’t punish the thugs n such it punishes the weak and it’s very much so the truth.

Brian Goodson September 15, 2022

The message is truth…and its that precisely what is being stifled….the truth will free the people..and take out the authoritarian elites…

Jim August 09, 2022

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