The State of Things

Remember when we moved October 2021 to Austin, Texas thinking it was a good idea? Well as it turned out, things got better for our family but not our business. After a little searching my wife found a great church that she loves in Gateway Austin, we found a great charter school for our son that is in line with our ideology and is void of today's propaganda/indoctrination, and my daughter is flourishing in her new peer group and excelling in her studies. These are all great things to recognize as victories being a husband and father. In the same 18 month period we took some hard "L's" as we were banned from advertising on Facebook/Instagram which led to a dramatic drop in sale which in this game cashflow is king and we no longer had it. Needless to say the following 10 months was a struggle which led to this past November when we were forced to abandon the warehouse and fire sale our gym. We forged onward by moving the business into our home and did our best to play triage over the months that followed. I'm sure you've noticed lately we haven't really had much to sell and have been limping from pre-sale to pre-sale which I'm sure has begun to grind down consumer confidence in us... I get it.

This evening I'm here to share with you that we, as a business, have turned the corner. The next apparel launch (tank tops) will be a preorder not because we are broke still but because our screen printer does not have the capacity to print anything else for us this month. Why? Because over the past week I've placed some rather large orders with all our suppliers in order to allow us to get back to business as usual before Memorial Day Weekend. After Memorial Day Weekend we will be bringing back Speak Truth but in a refreshed design that will still punch people in the teeth, a couple old favorites for drinkware will be making a return, and we will have some new designs as well. We are close to being "back", just need a little time now.

So in short the move to Austin was a mixed bag for us, we almost went bankrupt and lost everything, but now we are climbing back up and will get back to normal before the end of the month. Thank you to all for your support. You kept food on my family's table, a roof over our heads, and kept the business going which for that the words thank you are not enough.


I didn’t realize all of this. I will be patient with my order. This is my favorite shirt company.

James Mills July 10, 2024

Almost 4 years ago I discovered your store. Your products and mantras resonate and echo a quality, philosophy and decorum that is unfortunately becoming rarer in the pernicious political and ethical media driven miasma that the country and our children are inundated with today. I raise my BC flag high and proud at home and at work and I’m pleased to hear that your family and business both are persevering.

Keep on fighting the good fight!

David Salaiz November 16, 2023

I was just introduced to your site today and i love your products. I will be ordering for sure. Glad to hear you were able to keep the doors open. I will spread the word about this site to all my people. Stay strong and stay awesome!

Jeremy August 27, 2023

I will order and wear your stuff and back it up with ass to prove the facts. I also give it as gifts and get everyone I know to look it up and buy it. I even try to get them to make sure they keep the back bone needed for today’s fight.

Coming real soon we will all need to stand up and b heard. God bless America. Not the fucking cry babies.

Jeff Baugh July 24, 2023

I’ll continue to order your merchandise for as long as you have it. Along with that, I will advertise for you as I wear it, keep the good stuff coming! Hoping you and your family prosper and enjoy continued success.

Chin up, the best is yet to come.

Jake Gorrell July 19, 2023

Are you back in the warehouse yet? Leaving that one behind?

Hell on wheels June 27, 2023

Youre on the right track, brother.
Fakebook doesn’t want to encourage people who think for themselves, or lend any support for those who encourage others to think for themselves. Keep doing what you’re doing. I wear a BC shirt almost every day and will continue to tell everyone I can about your business.
Semper fi.

Tim May 12, 2023

Keep pushing forward I’ll keep you all in my prayers!!! Good products from good people God bless!!!

Richard May 10, 2023

Rock on brothers! I’ll try to better support the cause!

Camohunter May 10, 2023

In today’s world, resilience and perseverance are omnipotent! You guys are great, and I will continue to support this awesome company! Stay after it!

Arturo May 10, 2023

I’m today’s world, resilience and perseverance are omnipotent! You guys are great, and I will continue to support this awesome company! Stay after it!

Arturo May 10, 2023

You guys are great. Keep doing what you are doing.

TJ May 10, 2023

Love your stuff an why you do it. Keep your chin up and looking forward to the new tank tops!

Chris May 10, 2023

Huge supporter of the brand and happy to hear that things are coming back around!

Mike May 10, 2023

I wear the hell out of the Ts that I’ve bought. Receive positive comments everywhere and found a couple of friends bought some too.
I’m glad that your family is doing well, that’s life right there. The business will come back.
Keep grinding.

Dave May 10, 2023

You got this!! I purchase a lot of your shirts for my husband and absolutely love the quality. Use this experience as a learning experience and apply it to your business "Determination " “Nothing will keep me down”. We love your products and keep pushing forward!

Michelle May 10, 2023

I’m really glad to hear things are starting to head in a better direction. I have a bunch of your Tees and the gym bag I got from you is my favorite I’ve ever had. I hope you guys are around as long as you want to be and I’ll always be a customer.

Mark Walsh May 09, 2023

Keep up the fight brother!

Nate May 09, 2023

I can’t honestly say I wear BC 24/7,365 but I can honestly say I wear your shirts more days than not, to work, to play , I think I’ve even worn them to church a time or two. I will continue to support your business as much as I can possibly afford to. Don’t be afraid to let us know if y’all are struggling, in the future I’m sure we would all step up to try to keep you going if we knew what was going on. KTF

Matt Beard May 09, 2023

Bring back a few classics. Freedom is a generation away from extinction. Rage against the dying of the light.

Darin May 09, 2023

I have been accumulating your shirts for a few years now. After reading your update. I will continue to wear your shirts. I already tossed all my Nike related gear. I should have another order coming in soon from you and I told my wife to dump anything that isn’t BC. Screw FB/instagram. I wish I knew sooner. Like the first guy. I wouldn’t have anything to wear without you guys. God bless you.

Brian May 09, 2023

I’m so glad you are still kicking ass and taking names.
I love your shirts and will be ordering some more when I can.

Ken May 09, 2023

I did not know you have been having a hard time. This is a huge concern for me. Do you know what will happen if you go out of business? I will end up going everywhere half naked. I CANNOT wear anything else. I have been accustomed to wearing greatness. No one makes what you do. Period. End of story.

Do you know what I wear everyday outside of work? Your shirts. Everyday, 365 days, 7 days a week. You do not find this quality anywhere else. Your shirts soft. Seriously. So comfortable. Smooth and form fitting. I’ve been buying your shirts for years and I still have every single one. Every single one is in perfect condition just as it was when I received it. They LAST. They will probably outlast me. It is insane how good your products are.

What can I do? Do I need to buy more? Do you need a good employee? You are my Hero. I’m not kidding. Seriously, I cannot live without your shirts. I’ll quit right now and be in Austin tomorrow.

You are amazing. Thank you so much everything you do. Thank you for pushing through the hard times. I love y’all!

With great admiration,
Robert Aldrich
USN Veteran

Robert Aldrich May 09, 2023

You guys will make it … no question in my mind… amazing product that is so fitting in this failing world. I constantly have people asking me where I got the shirts and hats people LOVE them (as they should they are the best) I seriously probably could of sold 100s now 😂

RON May 09, 2023

I am elated to hear that things are turning around for you and your family, as always I will continue to order your products as they are with our a doubt the best fit and handle wear and tear extremely well. As well as your rocks glasses I look forward to all the good coming your families way.

Chris May 09, 2023

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