Evolve but not change

You can evolve, mature, and better yourself but that thing that makes you who and what you are, your core, will never change. I've grown to accept that over the years. What make me who I am will always be there as much as what makes me happy, what brings me peace, and what drives me. It has been shaped, modified, and defined over time but it is all still there.

Self awareness is something that many people struggle with. Identifying strengths and weaknesses. Leveraging what you can, when you can, however you can to be the best you can be. Knowing what triggers things inside you. Understanding what you need to bring yourself peace. This is what is supposed to come with age but still too many people working to be something they are not, acting like someone they will never be, and faking who they are to others.

Conquering yourself is the greatest victory you will ever achieve in life. I'm most certainly not there yet but will forever be a student of the pursuit.

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Just ordered my first set of merch from you brother. Every time I read your content it’s like a mirror of my own thoughts. I hope one day to buy you a beer with a whiskey and toast to all the bad times that got us to the good. Cheers brother, and keep up that good fight. Thank you!

Joey Randazzo July 26, 2021

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