"I Hate People"

“I Hate People” - Let us discuss this simple, but many times misunderstood statement.

Based on Facebook ad comments it seems a lot of people do not understand the premise at all but instead believe that it's everything from an absolute disdain for mankind to a slight at God himself. I am not saying that the phrase for myself at times has not had hints of these feelings in them but there is a greater message at play here.

This phrase, that we have slapped on pretty much every type of product we could, has a more day to day application with a much more lowbrow philosophy behind it. Now I am certain we can all agree on the obvious types of folks that we all would love to round up and put down for the benefit of humanity, the vilest of mankind. And if you think that being a pedophile is an acceptable sexual preference, that is "wrongfully shunned" by our society, then please feel free to join the other trash so we can end your existence as well. But I digress, the more subjective application can be found in our day to day lives.

Take for example an instance I had the pleasure of introducing myself into the other day at the store. The cashier was an elderly man who I have known for years who struggles badly with Parkinson’s disease at times, shaking hands and all. He was ringing up the middle-aged woman in front of me as best he could but was definitely not having one of his better days. She started to berate him and make a scene because he was not moving fast enough for her liking. This man who is well into his later years has to work as he cannot sustain life on the small bit of Social Security he receives. He always has a positive way about him and always asks how you’re doing. And this woman lit into him like she was scolding a child. I wanted to slap the taste out of her mouth to be quite honest, but instead elected to introduce myself into the situation. You see, I hate people that are unreasonably mean, especially when it's wildly unnecessary. This is but a single example of what the shirt is about. It includes a laundry list of just, bad people, that you most certainly could do without in your life. Like people that are willfully mean to dogs, fuck those people. The blue haired poly gender fluid mentally ill that want the world to become a socialist "utopia" and seek to usher this new world in by attacking people and burning down businesses; lets send them all far away. The guy that wanted to use the women’s restroom when my daughter is in there; the answer will always be "no", and if it's not heeded, physical violence will soon follow. The list goes on and on, all the way to the self-proclaimed speed monitor on the freeway that is in the left lane struggling to even do the speed limit; oh how I want to put them into the center divider. 

Things like this, and more than I have the time to jot down, are contained in the thought and intent behind this shirt. If you've ever felt the same way because of a similar experience, then you're right there with me, you get it. If you haven't already, you should grab yourself one of these shirts, because life is too short to be anything other than direct, and you're not here to play nice with the garbage. 



Love dogs. Fuck people. This shirt is next on my list. Already have the hat.

Cameron Cassidy October 11, 2021

I retired from law enforcement after serving 28 years. Before that I taught school for 2 years. I’ve seen this country digress in the last 45 years to where I don’t even recognize it.

Therefore, I agree with the meaning of this shirt. I believe in the old adage “spare the rod, spoil the child.” I’ve seen more than my share of death due to cruelty and insanity but I will always believe in the flag, God and my family.

Paul September 24, 2021

Yes. A hundred times over. I tried adding your thoughts as my email signature, but it turns out it’s a few words too long, so I just went with, “I hate people.”

Nathan August 12, 2021

We all see people everyday that this shirt applies to – if you don’t, then you are probably part of the mindless mass to which it applies. While I agree that there has to be some level of self awareness and self preservation in a person, I cringe at the selfishness that has been bred into today’s society that scantily believes in hard work and perseverance only to be replaced by greed and entitlement. To those of means – be humble. To the lazy – quit sucking on the tit of society. Don’t mistake kindness for weakness. Earn your keep. Keep what you kill…

Timmy Matt July 31, 2021

I wear this tshirt under my button down shirt when flying now. I showed it to my military team and was jokingly told that is how we get “professional development.” LOL. When flying home it seemed to be first time flyers day as no one knew how to get off the aircraft. During the layover, the team was talking about this sarcastically. I told them, hence the tshirt.

Dennis July 24, 2021

The fact that you even need to explain this tells a lot about our society as a whole. I bought a hat and have had nothing but positive responses from it. I’m sending all your way and I plan to purchase more for myself.

Chad Center July 23, 2021

I hate those left lane malingerers!

Mike Biecker July 17, 2021

Amen. We find ourselves in a truly sad time. I agree with you 100%. If you have to explain it they will not understand it anyway. Keep on keeping on. Love what you do.

Anthony Barnes July 16, 2021

The fact that you have to explain this shirt due to foolish comments, makes me love my shirts all the more!!! Good Lord!!

Krissy July 16, 2021

The fact that you have to explain this shirt due to foolish comments, makes me love my shirts all the more!!! Good Lord!!

Krissy July 16, 2021

I am with you on this! People need to wake up before they are woken up. God Bless America and Semper Fi!!!

Derek Palmerone July 16, 2021

I get nothing but compliments on both my ‘I Hate People’ and ‘Anger Keeps me Warm’ shirts! Wear them proudly!
BC, thank you for the great garb!

Melissa Clay July 15, 2021

I absolutely love my IHP shirt. I get compliments all the time. I actually wore it during a presentation I had to give and garnered a lot of laughs. Frankly, I don’t hate people but as of late iot seems to convey my sentiment toward the nonsense that is going on and how people as a group can so easlily lead to a flame like a moth. Rhetoric and sensationalism are the norm and haven forbid should someone disagree with the outrage culture. Disrespect is the norm now.

Peter Baxter July 15, 2021

You didn’t finish the story! What happened after you introduced yourself into the situation?

Chad July 14, 2021

Spot on!!
I’ve had a saying for years that could be bunk mates with this one….

“A Person Can Be Smart…People Are Always Stupid”

I’m 6’7", 255lbs, with a long white goatee, and I LOVE the looks I get wearing my IHP shirt!!….No one has yet approached me for an explanation, besides my wife, though :)

Brad Wireman July 14, 2021

I ordered this shirt a while back. It is my favorite. It is also the shirt my wife hates the most. She says it sends a bad/negative message to our daughter (along with my Anger Keeps Me Warm.) Not to get into my background, but I have seen the worst in people and would make some sick to their stomach. But still maintain there is hope for humanity in the good people left. The not so good people, fuck ’em.

Rene Cuevas July 14, 2021

I for one am glad that you made this shirt. Because in today’s society, I have come to hate more and more people because of their attitudes of being the ’privileged ones and mocking everyone else. No one has respect anymore. No respect for the elderly, another gender, military, law enforcement, and the list goes on. I for one am a disabled veteran with PTSD and I have a service dog. I have had my service dog for over 2 years now and have come to find that I care about my dog more than I do other people or even humanity in general. Dogs are unconditional and do not judge. You will never come across a human that does not judge. So in this respect, Kudos to you for coming up with this shirt. I have purchased one and wear it proudly.

Jeffrey Kreider July 14, 2021

I’m with you. I say it multiple times a day. Us like-minded people need to inject ourselves more into situations like you described.

Steve Grandstaff July 14, 2021

Where I’m at, the belly of the beast of anti Americanism and western civilization, you’re 100% correct!

Mike Sandoval ; San Jose, CA July 13, 2021

I have this shirt, I agree 100%. I need this shirt in the current coyote brown the Army uses so I can order them for all of my soldiers. I’m sure they will agree, lol

zaa July 13, 2021

Love it

Dan July 13, 2021

Amen I agree 100 percent . I hate the same people as well . Well said. I already have a shirt and hat I think you need to make decals . I need one for my truck .

Tom cusano July 13, 2021

I am so with you on this. I could do without a whole lot of people.

Mel Ancholy July 13, 2021

I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, I’ve bought a second I Hate People shirt after my husband was such a fan of the first one I bought him. It’s so unbelievably sad how many people are so rude and mean to others they don’t even know. … which is exactly why my husband loves this saying. It’s also sad that this shirt caused so much negative reaction regarding Facebooks ads. #Ihatepeople

Jennifer Meyer July 13, 2021

Amen brother. God. Bless. America!!!!!!

Dave. Olsick July 13, 2021

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