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Ever spend a little too much time scrolling through social media only to find yourself both amused and somewhat disgusted by so many people all at once? Here is a thought after such an evening…

To all who love to wax near poetic across social media about their goals and their hustles, who enjoyed their extra hour of sleep today, congratulations, you played yourself. I know, I know, quite a broad stroke judgment to put out there but if it's getting under your skin, you might be due for a serious conversation with yourself about how seriously you're your goals. Do you have goals or hobbies? In looking through some people’s pages I can easily see that they have only hobbies that they, for one reason or another, have become quite infatuated with. The easiest of these to spot this time of year are the dwindling “New Year, New Me” crowd. Not all of them, because there are some that absolutely display the dedication to making a positive change in their life. The few on that road absolutely deserve commendation for their tenacity. I am talking about the chronic quitters, that each year post their fad diets, trending workout routines, and even a picture with their new trainer. The ones that three months in know what day of the week Planet Fitness hands out donuts...and they’ve buttered up the front desk person enough that they get to have 2 instead of 1.

For myself it's been business first since going in on this thing full-time. A level of dedication to a goal that I'm certain sounds unhealthy and even ego stoked to some. Maybe when lined up against what the norm is; but I have found that following "the norm" led me personally down a road of depression and mediocrity. I found that high level success in anything comes from pouring yourself into it; making all other avenues or interests, secondary. This has at least been true for myself, a discovery made after years of trial and error on my part. I tried the "normal", worked hard for balance, and sought peace. Those ended up being the worst years of my life physically, psychologically, and it negatively impacted everyone around me.

So post your declarations and drum up all the motivation you want. Until your actions match you're declarations; you're just wasting your time (and my feed space). 

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Isn’t that the truth. Work silently!

Raul February 22, 2022

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