Get up...

"Are you hurt or you're injured? If you're hurt, get back on the mat. If you're injured, go sit down with the girl because you're done."

There are too many people in life that are yelling that they are injured when all they have are some booboos, got their feelings hurt, or have some sort of adversity they just don't want to face. If you are injured go to the doctor and get help, get medicine, and get better. If you're hurt shut the fuck up and get back to work. In a culture that lately seems to be glamorizing the mentally weak, raising them up to the status of victim martyrdom, I push back. As much as we are in a culture that praises them for their "bravery", life does not care. The pathetic "GoFundMe" lifestyle because you're stupid and lazy does not pull you through in the long run.

Everyone is playing this game injured. From physical pains to emotional baggage to an ex that still seems to be sucking the life out of you... this is life. You can complain about it, you can become a victim of it, or you can carry the weight and keep moving. Yes, we did have a shirt that said "Harden The Fuck Up" and yes I feel that it is time to bring that statement back.


I own this shirt and wear it proudly. I’ve never seen in my lifetime what I’m seeing today. You can be a good person and still be a MAN. They’ve done everything they can to force us to change everything that is unique about us. Even call us “toxic”. Fuck that. They say “toxic masculinity”, and I say “toxic liberalism”…..THAT is the real problem. They need to take a lesson from this shirt…HARDEN THE FUCK UP!

Scott Steely March 31, 2021

Where are all the real men to stand up to this fucking tyranny ? Harden the Fuck Up and take a stand !

Ray March 31, 2021

Life is a pile of Shit, keep a shovel handy

Rick March 31, 2021

Life is a pile of Shit, keep a shovel handy

Rick March 31, 2021

Great words and for agree whole heartedly. Men need to become men again and stop the the bitching and just get it done…
Thanks for speaking up on it..💪🏾

Jim March 30, 2021

Agree 100%. Life isn’t fair nor does the world care about our problems. A large segment of Americans lack perspective as to how good we have it here. I’d go on, but you get it.

Thank you for having the bravery to put this out front and center for even the woke mobs to read.

Please bring this shirt back. I myself will buy it day 1.

Bryan Hamiltom March 30, 2021

People become the very souls they hated in a former version of themselves. We find our kind, the ones with the willpower and skill to carry on. We grow stronger together, we will not succumb to the masses of the pathetic… they fell, we stand tall.

Doc March 30, 2021

This a PERFECT testimony for this day and age of professional victimhood! For the love of Christ bring this shirt back!!!!

Tim Wavrunek March 30, 2021

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