Memento Mori

"You're still young. Be patient. You have you're while life ahead of you."

I used to hear this often when I would share my goals and lack of patience in wanting to obtain them. When people would respond with any variation of this I'd tell them they are either willingly ignorant to how time works or they are lying to me.

I understand that some things take time. It doesn't mean I should be lackadaisical in my approach or accept other people's timelines. I am not young, based on my family history I've got about 30 years in total left. Of the 30 years I have left I will spend 10 getting my children through high school, another 5 helping coach them through the beginnings of adulthood. With the remaining 15 I will work towards two ends: finally give my wife the life I promised her and she most certainly deserves and do whatever I can with whatever I have left to help secure my legacy, what I will leave behind after I'm gone.

So no, I don't have my whole life ahead of me. I only have what's left.

That reality fueled the idea behind the Memento Mori shirt we did awhile back. Remembering that time is limited, is what drives me to make each moment count.


Everyone has two lives, they start living their second the moment they realize they only have one.

TF April 19, 2021

They say you only live once.

That’s a lie.

You only die once.

You get to live every day.

John McNeely April 19, 2021

It is pointless to squeeze your cheeks after passing wind.

George Gonzalez April 08, 2021

No matter how far you, there you are…

james a smith April 08, 2021

The Oxen are slow but the earth is patient.
Take the time to enjoy every moment.

Daniel Graben April 07, 2021

Good words my Brothers!
We must remember that the answer is in the Now!

Timothy J Rose April 07, 2021

Good words my Brothers!
We must remember that the answer is in the Now!

Timothy J Rose April 07, 2021

Live a life others will toast to;
Be an angel to those you love, and a devil to those you don’t;
And when Death comes… Smile.

Sam April 06, 2021

I have die twice. The first time, my wife saved me. The second, my daughter save me. With the time I have left, I will enjoy it with them.

Cuevro April 06, 2021

My friend we may be brothers. There isn’t enough time so go get at it.

Mike Notaro April 06, 2021

Be tough be strong and never look back…

paul paulson April 06, 2021

Time never stops and tomorrow isn’t promised

Santino Garcia April 06, 2021

Death will take you. It might not be today, or tomorrow, or even next week… but it could be today, tomorrow, or even next week. Live well. Love well. Make the best of every moment.

Mike S. April 06, 2021

Tomorrow is promised to no one, live well now.

Doc April 06, 2021

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