Give Thanks

Tis the season of reflection as another year comes to an end. Time to take an accounting of the past reconciling with one's victories, loses, blessings, and misfortunes. For BC Limited it has been another year with the scales weighing in our favor and for that we are truly thankful.

This past year we grew again at a pace that I have been told by those much further along in the game is unfathomable and unsustainable considering our small crew yet here we are looking at the end of a second year of doing this full time with growth of 30% in sales over the prior year. In this year we were able to scale up as well as move to our new home in Texas. Instead of being spread across two states the three of us now reside together under a single roof joined in common cause to a singular end. For this I am both grateful and give thanks.

But this past year was not just about us coming up. It was also about giving back to those who take care of us and helping those in need. We have provided funding to many fighting for their lives against the beast known as cancer. All the proceeds from our Fuck Cancer shirt and much more go to those in our circle who haven't the insurance or financial means to take on the battle alone. We have been able to clothe homeless veterans through a veteran non-profit in Southern California. A class of people who once served our nation who have been shunned by our government who prefers providing assistance to illegal aliens to taking care of our veterans. We have been able to give money to non-profits who assist in getting families to services for those who have fallen in service to our country. I cannot imagine losing a child to war and not being able to say goodbye. We have also able to give to various churches and organizations who provide various services we see as a necessity. Without the patronage and support of so many we would not being to provide this support to others. For this I am both humbled and truly thankful.

As I sit in deep consideration, I cannot help but also look forward to the future wondering if we have been able to do all this already, what more will the future hold.

From myself, my wife, Josh, and even Ryan (the part-timer) we wish you all and safe and happy holidays as well as wanting to say again, thank you, even though such words do not seem sufficient to convey the amount of gratitude we feel.



I wish you continued success for you and yours. God bless.

Mark Lynn November 24, 2021

Success earned, not bestowed. I can not accurately describe how the influence of the shirts or the stickers have had out In the world or at work. There are no questions other than ‘where?’. Stupidity is coming to understand what ‘keep your distance’ really looks like.

Great many thanks.

Tom Hotmer November 24, 2021

Thank you so much for the great products. Feels good to express exactly how you feel through what you wear. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and I am honored to wear your apparel.

Matt Cart November 24, 2021

I saw a quote today that made me think of you guys…..“Work in silence and let your success be the noise.” Thank you for your work ethic and providing us likeminded people quality products with outstanding graphics that allow us to share our philosophies with the world.

Steve Grandstaff November 24, 2021

Myself and my girlfriend send many blessings and good prayers your way. We love spending out money with a home grown self made company. And will continue to support your business. Again many blessings your way and keep up the great work.

Joshua Mohan November 23, 2021

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