Veterans Day

Today we take a moment to say thank you to all who have served in our nation's military. A day that started out as a day of appreciation with parades and ceremonies across the nation. As with so many things, we have commercialized and marginalized the day in the name of profits. Businesses large and small feel compelled to offer sales with this year seeming to be an entire month of Black Friday savings. Our population has been programed to look for deals on everything from early Christmas presents to a new mattress. Though it is where we as a nation have taken the day, it certainly is not what it is about.

The essence of the day is the something we as a nation should be holding with us each and every day. Not just acknowledging those who accepted the calling of service but showing some admiration and respect for their willingness to do so. It is also a day to teach the next generation so that they understand why such people should be deserving of such a thing. This is important because the traditions we pass on are the traditions that survive, they shape our culture, and define our society. And as history has well shown, a society that forgets it's warriors, those willing to sacrifice for it, will itself be inevitably forgotten. 

Thankfully, we have come a long way in how we treat our veterans since the Vietnam War era. But in an effort to never return to the time before that, we must not forget them, and let us forever be thankful for their commitment to our society, and our country. To all the veterans who have served and are serving, thank you, we appreciate the support you've shown us over the years, both in uniform, and as valued customers.

Happy Veterans Day

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