How far will you go?

"It is not the violence that sets a man apart, it is the distance he is prepared to go."
Forrest Bondurant, "Lawless"

A question that could be asked of a man in regards to almost any aspect of his life... Are you willing and able to do what it takes? Not just right now, not just today, not just this week, but each and every day, are you willing and able to do what it takes? Everyone wants to rally around the physical violence of the statement but it is bigger than that. Apply this to each and every thing in your life and ask the question again. This subject matter has been a pressing issue lately so I am venting it out one more time louder for the people in the back.

Consistency, tenacity, stubbornness, work ethic... anger. A man will use everything at his disposal and all that he is blessed with to get the job done whether it be an interpersonal endeavor, a job, a task, a duty, his family, his significant other... there is no distinction between them. Level of effort is the reflection of one's level of committed.

For me, one of my driving forces is fear. I fear failing my family. I, as a husband and a father, have a responsibility to them. To know me is to know that I don't much fear anything but I am afraid of that. Because of that I go all in on my kids, all in on my marriage, and all in on anything that would benefit them. So if asked what distance I am willing to go I can honestly and with great easy respond with "whatever it takes". And there is no compromising that.


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As the saying goes, everyone wants to be a lion until it’s time to do lion kind of shit. Most will say they will go as far as necessary but when push comes to shove, the average person just doesn’t have it within them to go the distance. Until that moment comes, it is hard to say what a person will do.

We all have an angel, a mad man and a monster within us. Given the current state of things in the world, the monster is looking more and more appealing to many good people. I don’t say this meaning we are all gonna go bat shit crazy. I see a day in the not to distant future where good God fearing law abiding people are gonna reach a breaking point. Some already are. Those good people will rise to arms out of fear and frustration. Others will rise in anger because they do have the monster within them and it is a daily struggle to keep that monster at bay.

I know where I stand. That monster is a bastard to keep locked up some days. Some men should not be fucked with.

God be with us all when that day comes.

Rich Ramereiz May 10, 2021

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Williecoobe May 10, 2021

Be tough be strong be nice but have a plan to kill everyone you meet…

paul paulson May 05, 2021

AGREED, griping fear and pushing forward. You learn what the beast is ,conquer it and it fears you. Failure is not a option but a choice. And my choice is freedom, owning the day .

Ed Walters, 3rd Brigade combat team , 2nd Battalion 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment 82nd AIRBORNE DIV. 11B1PC2 U.S. ARMY PARATROOPER. ALL THE WAY !

Ed Walters May 05, 2021

Love that message, myself I am committed every bit of what is mentioned here, it is a comfort to be in the company of like minded individuals.
Thank you.

Daniel Graben May 05, 2021

“I fear failing my family” – it’s THE motivator for me.

Clay May 05, 2021

On point as usual, my friend. Gives me hope to see others fervently in this mindset.

Jeremy Mowen May 05, 2021

You said it brother! You are on point biblically as well. Adam’s consequence was earning his wages by the sweat of his brow (Genesis 3:17-19) The ground truth of that is man’s common plague is the fear of failure. On its face one could say cool, I just won’t be a farmer and I don’t have to deal with it but that’s not the true meaning. Man will always sweat his outcome each and everyday.

The only approach to this is grit and determination.

“Yesterday was over last night.”
-CPO Brandon Frank, USCG

Brandon Frank May 04, 2021

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