Intensity Is A Gift

Not everyone has it, that intense thing deep inside that pushes them past physical and mental barriers to the places where weak men crumble. Those who are blessed with it know the feeling. It's always there in the dark sitting in the corner mumbling impatiently, wanting to again be set free.

In the moment it’s almost like a wave that instantly washes over you, often soon followed by the kind of smile that would make the devil himself uncomfortable. This kind of rabid intensity, is a gift. It can propel you to greatness, or bury you in the deepest darkest pit. It can push you through unimaginable things, or can leave your mind twisted in madness.

Know your intensity well and become its master. When the opportunity to call on it yet again arises, let it loose from the leash, and free it upon the world. For myself there are few things equal to the absolute freedom and truth felt in such a moment. The level of focus, the gripping desire to well... do things. Those moments have long been one of my addictions, and the gift has gotten me through many scrapes where I am certain I would otherwise be dead.


From crisis comes opportunity

Todd April 27, 2021

Gonna bring this up to my squad at the end of wrestling practice.

Marcus Gonzales April 26, 2021

In powerlifting we tap intensity to push ourselves to Personal, State, National and World Records. When we reach the highest intensity time slows down and we face the demon. The demon is different for each person. Intensity of this level is going into The Void.

Jeff April 20, 2021

Intensity saves the soul and kills the fear…the greatest enabler of all things.

Doc April 20, 2021

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