"Luck" has nothing to do with it

What does the word “Lucky” mean? I hear it used often in an unintentionally condescending way by those who are averse to risk, lack true work ethic, prefer comfort today over reward tomorrow, and have a crippling fear of the unknown. They say the word every time those who are willing to take the risk, put in the work, live in perpetual discomfort, and reach a visually measurable benchmark. I get it thought... how could they understand what it takes? They have never been there. They refuse to experience any of that.

You'll have to excuse my response if you say that word about me, I get a little aggravated and some small part of me wants to slap the taste out of your mouth. I am where I am because I am willing to risk everything I have, push myself far beyond my comfort zone (which I fear is now non-existent), and work like my family’s life depends on it, because ultimately, it does.

Though I have made it this far I know that what I've accomplished thus far with BC Limited is barely scratching the surface of what it can become. And now that this brand is in direct contrast to the emotionally weak passive aggressive cancel culture we see everywhere today, I feel it is more important than ever to keep pushing my “luck”.


Need that saying on a shirt…..💯

Syl July 22, 2022

We manifest our own destiny.

John Stoddard July 05, 2022

Let me know when the shirt comes out.

Nicholas Mekosh July 05, 2022

Luck doesn’t exist.

Darren Everett July 05, 2022

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